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Glad that you asked what this blog page would serve ? Nothing for now.Since I'm kind of busy these days.

What are the odds ?

You come across a day that is ideally perfect.You try to put it behind.But then the odds..

I use probabilistic models every now and then, but there is nothing to model this - no stochastic engine that might fit the odds surrounding that day.But anyways..

There is no good or bad composer in music.Music is all about connnection, how it makes you feel.Although music is technically limited to couple of kHz in frequency domain as "electromagnetic waves", they strike with such a high frequency, that time warps in space-time continuum and you will find yourself in worm hole if I go with Einstein's general theory of relativity.Sounds confusing, isn't it ? Well I wrote this while listening to one of my all time refuge in classic music - Ode to Joy.

Long walks, brainstorming reads, music loops, the internet and 2-hour coffee didn't work.It's like the Centipede's poem, only a bit worse.So this was a quick test, I thought the place from where I was look straight through glass french window at the end of 300 foot veranda was infinitely north.But today as I kept walking down that path, voila, came end of the street and thus I had to retreat back to where I was yesterday.Ha, some of the best ideas come when you are tired.

In this place right across me, two people whom I have known for quite some time are retiring after their indistigushed dedication for 35 years (one of them has been around here since 1974 - which brings it to 41 years).I asked them what made them stick around here for quite some time to which one of them replied ,"My unfeterred passion to set things right and my wife's breakfast.There has not been a sungle day when I didn't have had that breakfast.It's time to make some for her".At first I felt this guy was over-exagerrating or perhaps being dramatic about retiring, but when I look back what he has contributed and the character that this fguy has carried around here, it's no exaggeration.This guy made some world changing decisons and yet he was so modest to attribute half of his sancity to his wife's everyday ritual - breakfast.

One of the guys retiring was pretty close - he was more of a mentor.I have learnt about what I know today from lot of people around.And without a doubt this guy taught how to asses people and trust them by their word, not actions.Ah, it sounds way to philosophical, isn't it ?

But upon leaving , a day back this guy called me in his place and handed me a box with note cards and a small book and said ,"This is 6 years worth of my life.There are three copies of this piece of masterpiece , and I would like you to have one".I didn't see that coming.It's such an honour to receive this, I guess it took me a while to gasp what happened back there.

October 2015 It has been such a while.Life is in a turnmoil, but I hope to get back on track.Sometimes I wonder what I would talk about for the 7 unaccounted "units of time" of my life.Well, that's a worry for another day.

Further updates Wow, I cannot believe that seeig it I went 9 years back in life.Amazing.