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  January 28, 2015

Exhausted, but it's worth it.Fuck, it has been exactly 8 years and one day.I can see how 1/3 if my life so far has been dedicated for greater good.I hope people don't take freedom for granted - because it takes a lot to preserve the freedom with which we live today.As someone said (without citation), change of character is a long process.I can see that, well, today I popped open a "time capsule" note to me dated back to January 26, 2007.I started making time capsules for my own life sake since that day, so far I have two of them - one dated November 10, 2010 and the other one is what I created today, destined to be open in 2022.Lets see how it goes for next 7 years.

NO MAN IS AN ISLAND - Yes, even a man with greatest volition can't deny this fact.It's good to have a vent-thru your brain, helps one to function better.I hope technology doesn't manifest in our everyday life to the extent that we lose human touch.


  December 19, 2014

"Volupta", said me.It was a discussion as to what this new thing should be called.Every damn soul in the room was so stressed-overworked-exhausted that no one seem to ask what Volupta really meant and how it was relevant to be future of this thing.

Winter of 2014 <-> Winter of 1836

One might wonder what's so special about these two time periods ? There is this linchpin that if telegraphy never existed in 1836 (you might argue it's 1837, but there's a widely spread misconception of the exact year), one might not have learnt morse code in ~2005 and 9 years later Volupta would have been that thing.This is so important to me, I have realised that every step one takes in life - shapes this world.

This is not a tagline or some ending statement, it's quite true.I realised the sancity of these asynchronous events in this darkroom filled with workstations on one side and an expanse of night sky on the other.It's moments like these when you are just by yourself , comes realization that some stuff in this world can never be compromised.

  November 07, 2014

Going back to my roots back in 2006.I feel like I am starting life all over again.By the way I feel that it's important to have a proper sense of consciousness.Count every day as the last day of your life, and see the difference.

Two people that I wish to meet up in my life : (a) Jackie Chan (b) Keanu Reeves . Everyone has icon.I had the opportunity to meet some of the tech titans but, I wish I could meet these two people before they are long forgotten.Lots of updates and changes in life.By the way , stay vigilant ; don't get drowned by everyday technology.


  September 18, 2014

The $19 billion dollar mistake - It was 5 in morning, I was walking down the street to head to d.center . I wasn't said much, but it was worth something. As I entered the building, I saw a sudden rise in temperature from sub-zero temperature outside.I had a mailer in one hand and my beeping PDA in another, only to realize that I was late.Late but not absent.

I entered that room using my door code and to my surprise , I was the least dressed guy in that room.Since I had an important role that day - and the weeks after, I didn't get conscious that I was in my Nike running shoes.As I walked in to the main room , I was on one-to-one sight with the guy who made the $19 billion dollar mistake.The rest is the usual conversation 'but' at the end of that day, I had this whimsical feeling on my mind.I had guilt, regret that what would it have been if it was not for me on Janury 27, 2007 ? That's the question I have been asking myself lately since past 9 days (and counting).


August 22, 2014

In one of the most unprecedented times, I am about to partner up with a new member tomorrow so as to cut down my exploration closing rate to almost sixty percent.Which means it would be faster for me to retire.This person who has been overlooking my work since the past 6 years 4 months recommended a  retrospection aide on my side so that I can finish up payload of ongoing work faster.Anyways , so today I am gonna talk about L-Theamine, it's not just a random topic, this word came out when I was discussing about this with someone while having my meal.So here's what this person said,"No matter what you do, the chemistry of brain and neuroscience plays a vital role in effciciency of everyday being.For example - a shortfall of L-Theamine in human body by 200mg/day means that person won't be able to function upto mark.He/She may end up with anxiety in the job like ours".And I asked myself - Really ?

No, I don't think so.I am not a medical expert here, but I think my coffee is just doing the right job.Buddhist monks don't meditate better because they drink Matche or Gyokuro, it's their drive and perseverence that get them better meditating than normal people.With this said, don't buy "supplements" or sip tons of green tea to boost your memory/concentration.I never had to, although there were quite some days when I was really tired (rather mentally tired), but then 2 cups of coffee just helped me get through what I needed to turn in.It's not that difficult as it sounds, because once you realize the fact that your life is no different without L-Theamine, I think you will see yourself not carrying supplements like 
this person who talked about L-Theamine in first place.


July 8, 2014

ďAnything can happen in lifeĒ

This isnít some kind of punchline or dilemma as viewed by some people. I can verify this very phrase based on my own experiences. If you look at where I was or what I was actively doing in life a year from today and my transition from a highly stressful and provocative routine to a rather passive routine I was never used to since early 2007.

Sometimes in lust for passion we follow our instincts and enter the territory of unknown Ė risky but rewarding. But passion is not a liquid sealed in airtight container. Itís perishable if not handled with care.

Sounds like some words from some novel, isnít it? Well, sometimes passion can make you so focused that you donít even realize that you have a life ahead of you. This time I mean that social phase of life.You donít get to read books that your friend suggested, you donít get to spend quality time with family (always having other thoughts even when with them), you start dropping interests that was cherished since childhood, no idle sitting time and watching your favorite sport and so on.  

To be continued..


July 17, 2014

Over the years I wonder why in Sōtō Zen, sentences have this inherent structure: ďSubhuti, the Tathagata says that these particles of dust are not particles of dust, and that is why they are truly particles of dustĒ

I have come across plenty of such sentences having underlying structure of statement-negation-affirmation.However I havenít yet established a valid relevance of this sentence structure to fully describe the philosophy behind the statement of interest. Gotta figure out this mystery.